(Video) So Cute! Ciara & Baby Future Play Santa Claus Dress-Up For A Photo Shoot

Ohhhh … it’s a Baby F. Christmas Shoot. We are nine days away from from Dec. 25 [serving as the release date for Fabolous’ The Young OG Project], Christmas Day. Ciara partakes in a photo shoot, in which she gives us some behind-the-scenes action with her chubby-cheeked baby Future. The adorable kid doesn’t even want to look into the camera, however the photographer pulled off more than a few good shots, we’re sure. “I Seriously Think He Knew I Put This On Him. He Never Wanted To Look Up,” Ciara says about the Santa Claus ensemble. Check it out as the two enjoy some mommy/son bonding while sporting a pair of Santa Claus hats, embroidered with their names.

Sports: Donald Sterling Backs Out As Santa In Hood, Fears Attack

Donald Sterling had agreed to play Santa Claus at a children’s event in Watts, California that was set to take place this past Saturday. However, the former team owner opted not to partake in the festivities for the sake of the children’s safety…hit the jump for more deets on this story!

(Video) Santa Claus Robs Bank!

Christmas is here and apparently there are some good Santa’s busy wrapping gifts and the other Not So Nice ones, are out robbing banks! A thief dressed as santa, threatening bank tellers with an unknown “wrapped gift”, passed a note to the teller, left the package in he bank and swiftly escaped, hit the jump for more!

(Video) ‘SNL’ Takes On Megyn Kelly With A Black Santa Claus!

SNL cast member Kenan Thompson has revealed the biggest secret of all secrets, and I’m sure Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly will be blown away at this one! Thompson took to a broadcasting news show to expose that Santa is actually “Black as hell”, and he’s not surprised that the man is taking credit for his accomplishments, Hit the jump for the hilarious clip!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Santa Claus Beats Up Santa Claus In Royale Rumble!!

This isn’t exactly the spirit of Xmas, but Santacon has officially gone wild!!

(Video) Fox News Megyn Kelly Won’t Apologize For Declaring Jesus & Santa Claus Could Only Be White?!

SMH at Fox News, why do you still have this lady on air? Fox New’s anchor, Megyn Kelly, refuses to apologize for her racist and hurtful comments she made live on air on Wednesday. Kelly declared to children that she was tired of hearing about an option to make Santa Claus, black or white, and declared that Kris Kringle himself could only be white . . . Oh and Jesus too! Instead of apologizing, she went on to defend herself as a victim and said that Fox News is always a target. Kelly also said that she was trying to bring humor to the show and said her comment fell onto the ears of humorless people. To see Megyn Kelly’s “Santa Claus” segment, click below.

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