(Video) NBA: Jimmy Kimmel On Steph Curry’s New Shoes “They Are So White They Just Endorsed Donald Trump”

Everyone is getting in on the jokes about Steph Curry’s newest pair of Under Armour kicks. The “Chef Curry” lows have been getting roasted for a couple days now and Jimmy Kimmel made sure he had some fun with it too. Steph last night was asked about them and he said they are “fire” but what do you expect him to say? Judging by the way he laughed when he was asked about them though, he knows this was a big miss by UA. Kimmel showed us what they really are good for and it’s one of the best things you will see today.

(Video) NBA: Cavs Partial Owner, Usher, Goes Out Of His Way To Show Love To Warriors After Lebron Snub

Clearly, Usher didn’t go show the Warriors players some love out of spite for Lebron not showing him much love at the end of the game but it definitely looked like that, which is what made this funny. To be honest, since he is a partial owner of the Cavs, Usher really had no business being anywhere near the Warriors locker room to congratulate Steph & Draymond. The whole scene was just weird. He looked like a fanboy instead of someone who owns a portion of the team the Warriors just beat down.

(Video) NBA: Steph Curry Gets Asked About Those Ugly “Chef Curry” Lows, Says The Are “Fire”

After the game last night, a reporter asked Steph Curry one of the best questions of the year. Sometimes those post game pressers are so bland and generic but thankfully this guy asked Steph if he heard all the jokes on social media about his “Chef Curry 2 lows”. The roasting of those kicks online was too much to miss so of course Steph saw them and thought they were pretty funny but he also said “If he had them in the road bag I would’ve definitely wore them, show them how fire they are”, which received a loud laugh from the crowd of reporters, as well as fans watching at home.

(Video) NBA: GSW 3-1 Over Cavs In Finals

Guess that BBQ and massage dance worked for Steph Curry. He and the Golden State Warriors pulled another magical win off over the Cavaliers at 104-89. Lots of great highlights too…Steph and LeBron kinda got into it a little…

(Video) NBA: Steph Curry’s Pre-Game BBQ And Food Massage Dance

Weren’t aware that the Golden State Warriors’ front man had a pre-game ritual? Well, he does. It’s the “Jones Barbecue and Foot Massage” dance. Keep reading…

NBA: J.R. Smith Would’ve Voted For Lebron Or Russell Westbrook For MVP Before Steph Curry

The debate about who is the best player in the world will always go on. Fans are going to root for their favorite players no matter what, which can sometimes make them delusional about which players are really the best. Steph Curry has been on a serious tear the past couple seasons and because of that most people now like to say he is the best player in the world. There are still holdouts (such as myself) that continue to think Lebron is still the best all around player. Steph was the first player in history to be named unanimous MVP this season but Bron’s teammate, JR Smith, didn’t think the voters got it right. In fact, he wouldn’t even have Steph second.

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