(Video) NBA: This Is How James Harden Found Out About His Trade…

Ever wonder how some athletes find out about their own trade?  Some find out as they watched ESPN and others find out in a different way. Picking up the phone to call is a way of the past.  James Harden found out he was being traded to the Rockets by…. GameTimeGirl

NFL: Titans Receiver O.J. Murdock Left Text Messages & Note Before Suicide

Sabrina B. Two days after the apparent suicide of Tennessee Titans wide receiver O.J. Murdock, no family or friends have been able to offer a reason as to why he might have taken his own life. TBO.com reports that there is a suicide note, however…and send a few text messages before his death.

Eerie Text Sent From Missing Woman’s Phone

A chilling text was sent from a missing woman’s phone which said, “The girl with this phone is dead.” Officials say that the 26-year-old woman may have joined a cult but her family thinks she has been harmed. Click below for more information. Melissa Nash

(Photos) NBA: Nic Wise Puts Bulls’ Joakim Noah On Blast: Texts His Girl & Noah Responds

Sabrina B. We don’t have all the details yet to this story, but I’m sure they will come out soon.  Apparently, Nic Wise (who played for the Arizona Wildcats from 2006-2010) was tryin to holla at Bulls center Joakim Noah’s girl Amanda. Nic sent a text to Amanda … Joakim responded instead … and in return Nic then took to twitter (oh the drama)…

Woman Accused Of Texting While Driving With Baby On Lap

These parents now a days are nto thinking/putting any thought into the well being of their child. A mother of 3 was arrested after being spotted texting while driving, with her infant son on her lap. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

Woman Caught Driving With Newborn In Purse

A woman is facing possible criminal charges for allegedly driving with her newborn baby in her handbag. I hope she’s getting an ACS case with that, apparently when the cop asked where’s the baby? She unzipped her bag and there was the child. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

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