(Photos/Video) Car Slams Into Restaurant In Trenton, NJ

Late last night in Trenton a man smashed his car through the front of Trenton Social while being chased by police, causing extensive damage that shuttered the business.

(Audio) Max B Speaks Out From State Prison On The Death Of Chinx

Since the death of Lionel “Chinx” Pickens, everyone from friends, family and fans have offered their deepest thoughts on the matter. Whether it be blasting Cocaine Riot one through five in the hood, or writing a special message on social media, it has been done. Adding to the love, Max B speaks out on Chinx’ death from the NJ state prison in Trenton [HOME]. Have a listen after the jump.

(Video) RATCHET ALERT: Two Girls Beat Down McDonald’s Security Guard In Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey just took an L after this video surfaced of two hoodboogers beating down a McDonald’s security guard until the Po Po came. Check it out after the jump

Trenton Hostage Standoff With Armed Man Enters Day Two

The hostage situation involving an armed man in Trenton, NJ has entered day two. A man in barricaded in his home and holding two children hostage in a home where he killed his girlfriend and her child. Trenton and state police, as well as the FBI,  are doing everything they can to coax the man from the home without harming the children inside. The man holding the children hostage is not believed to be their father, but the ex-boyfriend of their slain mother, Carmen Kelly. The ages of the children believed to be 17, 14, and 4 but the police have yet to reveal which child was killed by the gunman. Read more below.

(Graphic Video) See How One Guy’s Struggle With Cancer Has Bought An ENTIRE City Together !!!

Trenton, NJ is a city that if mentioned, most likely the reaction is always a negative one. With a mayor who is not worth much, lack of government funds for the more enjoyable things in this city, and the lay-off of police officers, this small town has seen more than it’s fare share of killings and negative actions, but one person has allowed the residents of Trenton to come together for a positive impact. Brandon Sincak was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer about a year ago, named sarcoma. After three surgeries, rejection of chemo, and resources minimum, Brandon had decided that he needed alternative treatment. After exposing his disease and informing us on what happens with sarcoma, with the major support of his mother, other family members, friends, and strangers, over $60,000 has been raised to allow him that treatment. Brandon has a HUGE amount of people working for his recovery (me being one). Drop down bottom and check the video out.

Man Killed For Protecting His Sister !!!

Courtney D. Smith (known in the neighborhood as Pooh) was stabbed and killed last night. After a confrontation broke out between his sister and her ex-boyfriend, Pooh stepped in to protect her. The ex-boyfriend stabbed him with a knife and shortly after being rushed to the hospital, Pooh was pronounced deceased. The ex remains on the run. This touches home for me, because Pooh was a friend of mine. He was a loving father and clearly a protector of his loved ones. He will forever be missed in the city of Trenton. This was the second death in Trenton in the last 24 hours and four others (in separate incidences) remain in critical condition. Stop the Violence! Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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