IFWT_Jay Z At BSides
Jay Z Speaks On Chinx , It went down for a 2nd night in NYC, But before hit his Spotify/Youtube Diss again, he took time out to say a few words about Chinx and the situation of death in the black community.

Tat Wza

You have to respect him taking the time to reach out to those that need consoling, like he said he comes from the same place. Jay wants the world to change, and we have to remember we’re kings and queens, we should not be killing each other.

Jay Z Speaks On Chinx:

As you can see he then went into his new yet becoming known freestyle about Artists not getting paid, and the conglomerate tech giants not paying the people that give them the content to be used.

I want to say something about that since I know and understand how the music streaming business works. It’s not Spotify, or Youtube, or Beats, or Pandora or any other streaming service, it’s the labels, they make the streaming service pay overtime you stream your favorite song, and it’s the label that collects those fees and pay the artists. If the artists are getting short changed, they should read their contracts.

The difference between Spotify/every other streaming service is going to come down to functionality(once Tidal builds a solid catelog of songs, and they will), if Tidal offers the user the best experience they ever had, they’ll make a mark, but competition is the game right?