(Video) NBA: Jay Z Doesn’t Appear Enthused As Funny Fan Tries To Talk To Beyonce Courtside


Jay Z & Beyonce were in Los Angeles again last night, sitting courtside as the Clippers just utterly destroyed the Brooklyn Nets. I am sure everytime they are at a game together numerous people try and approach to say hello or try and take a picture so you honestly can’t even fault them if once in a while they don’t appear to be happy to have people coming up to them. Last night Vine funny man “KingBach” wanted to present a t-shirt to Bey and record it for his Vine. When Jay looked up he gave him that real quick “what the hell you want” type look before relaxing a bit and acknowledging him. Even King mentioned it on his vine that Jay gave him that look and it was time to move on. Still funny though.

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(Audio) Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation


Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation, Lmao, I’ll start by saying, this guy is funny. Ok so word of the situation got back to popular Sirius/XM satellite radio host Howard Stern and his team, Robin, Gary, and JD, so while breaking it down for Howard, they play back the audio of Flex, and Howard and the team weigh in on ‘who’s side they are on’.

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Nas Talks Feud With Jay Z, Police Brutality & More In GQ

Nas x GQ

Nas is featured in the February 2015 issue of GQ Magazine. During the interview, the legendary rapper addresses his past feud with Jay Z (well, sort of…), the recent police brutality, his ex-wife Kelis and more. Check out a few excerpts below.

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(Audio) Is This Proof Jay Z Is Buying Hot 97!?!


Jay Z Is Buying Hot 97?!?! HA HA HA, Jay Z of course has enough Bread to Purchase a Company, but in all reality will he spend half of his bread, that he worked hard for to get, to buy a Radio Station that he really doesn’t know how to operate a Radio Station, which means he will have to completely staff it with experienced people, which is more OPERATING cost….Does HOV really want to get into this venture, just to fire Funk Flighty?!? I know, y’all think so…

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Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Over The West Coast…For Now

Jay & Bey

After Jay Z and Beyonce lost the bid they’d had on a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, they’re over the idea of the west coast completely. For now, at least. Sources close to the pair say they were so hung up on getting the house that now that they can’t have it, nothing else is comparing and it’s soured the idea of moving. Looks like they’ll be NYC residents that much longer now.

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(Audio) Funk Flex Breaks Down Jay Z Situation #CalmVoice

IFWT_Focused Funk Flex

I know I know I know, so many of you outside looking in, you’re saying ‘Nooooo, don’t do it Flex’, looking up at the statuesque figure of the Big Homie, Jay Z, seemingly just ignoring that Funk Flex is a legend in the Hip Hop Game, but I get why, Jay has grown beyond Hip Hop. Well Jay is def bigger than Hip Hop, and he is a Don, but as Flex put it, he’s “the Don of his own Bubble”, it’s just seems like more because his ‘Bubble’ is pretty big, but it’s still HIS Bubble.

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(Audio) Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex Rant Against Jay Z


Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex Rant Against Jay Z
Thursday night, Funkmaster Flex went on Hot 97 to air out some ill feelings about Jay Z and specifically HOV’s site “Life + Times.” Flex repeatedly called the site “trash,” and said that they stole ideas from him during an interview. Over 100 bumbs were dropped (That has to be a 2015 record). Although some found it very serious , Hannibal Buress decided to poke fun at it by making a parody skit on what happened. CLICK READ MORE TO CHECK IT OUT !

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(Photos) NBA: Jay Z and Beyonce Are All Smiles Sitting Courtside at Clippers/Cavs Game

IFWT_Jay Bey Clippers 2

There was a big game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night but a lot of the action was on the sidelines.  Not only were Floyd Mayweather and Matt Barnes engaged in a heated argument, hip-hop royalty, Jay Z and wife Beyonce were also sitting courtside.

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(Video) Jeezy Talks Working With Jay Z, “Seen It All” Album, YG, Illuminati & More With DJ Whoo Kid


Rapper Jeezy stopped by the Shade 45 studios to chop it up with DJ Whoo Kid on his Whoolywood Shuffle show. He speaks on collaborating with Jay Z, his “Seen It All” album, illuminati rumors, co-headlining the “Under The Influence” tour with Wiz, YG and much more. Click below to get into the full interview with Jeezy x DJ Whoo Kid!

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(Photos) Beyoncé’s Pregnant Again? Not So Fast, Says Michelle Williams!

Bey's bump

The above photo that was shared by Beyoncé over the weekend immediately sparked pregnancy rumors, as the raised belly area seemed to serve as an announcement that she was expecting baby #2 with husband Jay Z. However, it appears that even Queen Bey has room in her schedule for a little internet trolling!

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