(Photos) Flexibility At Its Finest – Check Out Kenya Moore’s Legs Stretch!!!

Her knees may have buckled during a Vegas fashion show a few weeks back, but Kenya Moore has since been doing her stretches to prevent future falls. While going for a swim in the pool, the Real Housewives of of Atlanta star spread eagle for the camera. Could you imagine embracing that front behind?! #DirtyMind …check it out.

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Gets Water Blasted For Peeing On Property

Lmao, this is funny as hell! I can’t tell if she was caught or set up, but either way she was NOT expecting the 1960′ water hose action!!

Huhh?? They Got Pulled Over While Swimming?!?

Cruising the quiet streets of a German village, four men were seen by police driving and splashing around in this innovative automobile.

(Photos) Woman Kicked Out Of Missouri Water Park For Bikini Reveals THIS!!!

After being kicked out of the Adventure Oasis water park in Independence, M.O., Madelyn Sheaffer is not at a loss for words. And justly so, as she reveals her story and what led up to her having the courage to enter the water park in her bikini deemed “skimpy.” Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

HUH?? Student Gets Locked Up For WHAT?!?!

Did this really go that far for a UVA student to be put in jail? She was only had bottled water, cookie dough, and ice cream right? Hit the jump for more details!

(Video) Car To Boat In Less Than 15 Seconds???

This thing is a beast! With the model base of a Jeep, this amphibious vehicle can transform into a boat in less than 15 seconds. Check out some highlights to see what this thing can do after the jump!

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