Talk about FAST…Speedy Gonzales fast! This rapper had about a 2-year hiatus, but looks like that time hasn’t stopped any of his future goals. Linking back up with old friends isn’t the only thing he’s been up to, but he’s even in the process of starring in his own reality show. Hit the jump to check out who the guy is…

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to hit up the gallery! A set of three children!

It’s the RULE BABY! Ja Rule has been home for a very short amount of time, and already there has been talk of collaborations with Ashanti. and N.O.R.E., he’s starring in a movie with Adrienne Bailon, and now, Ja has hooked up with 51 Minds Entertainment and plans on starring in his own reality television show. Real name, Jefferey Atkins, will star in the show with his three kids, Brittany, Jeff Jr, and Jordan, also with wife Aisha.
“It is a good family show. Television needs more positivity, especially young black families to look at, [agreed],” say the Rule. “To see that it is not just negativity when it comes to Black couples on television, but also a lot of good families out there raising kids and doing good things out there. And also have fun out there and it doesn’t have to be corny, but young parents raising three beautiful kids and doing it our own way and it’s special. Its got to have the edge, its got to be sexy, its got to be fun and that’s what people gravitate towards,” he adds.
How many are ready to sit and watch what Ja Rule does on a regular basis?! Have we missed him THAT much? Let me know if you’ll be tuning in [in the comments].