IFWT Popovich x McHale

I know coaches use all sorts of tactics to try to win the game but it seems like lately everybody is going the dirty route.  It began with Nets coach Jason Kidd purposely spilling his drink then Steelers coach Mike Tomlin sticking his foot out to impede Jacoby Jones and now Rockets coach Kevin McHale attempted to obstruct Tim Duncan’s inbounds pass.  Spurs coach Gregg Popovich certainly wasn’t having it.

Shay Marie

As Tim Duncan tried to inbound a pass Rockets coach Kevin McHale walked in front of him then stood beside him as he threw it in.  Duncan passed it down the court to Ginobli who missed the jumper, Kawhi Leonard’s putback attempt was blocked and the Spurs couldn’t get a shot in before the halftime buzzer.

Spurs coach Greg Popovich was LIVID and let the ref have it; resulting in a technical foul.  According to people at the game, Popovich came out before the second half began, walked up to McHale at halfcourt and gave him quite an earful as well.

via San Antonio Express-News c/o CBS Sports:

Neither Popovich nor Duncan would comment on Kevin McHale’s bit of bush-league gamesmanship near the end of the first half.  Popovich was enraged, not only earning a technical foul on the spot but coming back to bark at McHale during warmups for the second half.

An NBA observer told the Express-News’ Mike Monroe that McHale was within his right to stand where he did as he was still within the coach’s box. McHale, however, said he “probably should have gone and sat my big ass on the chair.”