IFWT_Chad Hurley
The once Co-owner of YouTube(Why He’s a Billionaire), and now owner of MixBit video app, has filed his own paper work saying the paper he signed was about consent for him to be on TV, and NO ONE told him he couldn’t take video and use it after.

Tat Wza

Further more, Chad says the paper they had him take a picture with he signed because Kimye’s reps asked him to sign it, and he was mislead about what it was.

All that makes total sense, and it could be miscommunication, or a publicity stunt, but either way, it did help both parties at the time, and now no one is stressing the event, footage, or App it came out on. Kanye and Kim should drop it, and Chad needs to figure out another way to get MixBit into the conversation(Keek is kicking that A**).