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Welp, it looks like no one has taken Rick Ross up on that $100k bet!  Earlier this month Rozay hit up Funk Flex’s show & said he would bet $100,000 that the  Heat would finish better this season than the Cavs.  A short time later, Jalen Rose said he would take Ross up on that bet.  So was Jalen serious?  Is the bet on?!  The Bawse revealed if the bet is really on.
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Via TMZ:

Jalen went on ESPN earlier this month and called out Ricky Rozay … saying, “You know I’m good for the money homie. So just reach out to me and let’s make this bet right now.”

But even though it sounded legit, Ross went on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” on Reelz earlier today and insisted that J.R. was merely KIDDING … saying no bet has actually been made.

Probably a good thing for Rose … the Cavs are struggling this year.