He’s the Dr. that nobody hates to see, but in just a matter of moments he lost the trust of millions. The squeaky clean cut Dr. seems like he’s generally concerned about the welfare of his audience but he’s made it quite clear, he’s about business. WikiLeaks, the infamous non-profit journalistic origization who releases and publishes TOP SECRET information, has spilt the tea again! The Dr. that we have invited into our homes, daily…has sold out and they’ve got proof!

Emery Childs
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You’re not alone if you feel bamboozled by Dr.Oz’s deciving white smile, after all he was the one doctor that you thought you could trust! The syndicated TV show belonging to Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television has betrayed hundreds of thousands of viewers as WikiLeaks revealed the truth behind the Dr.Oz Show. The show is noted as a show that prides itself on putting the viewer first but as we can see, it isn’t about the viewers at all. The classified documents contained a thread of conversation between Dr.Oz, also known formally as Mehmet Oz and Sony Pictures Television. The conversation regarded Dr.Oz starting a new business venture. Through the email he explained that he found out Sony Pictures Television was evolved in the deal also and they conspired a plan to exploit their audience into buying the product. Nowhere in the thread did the email discuss the well being or heath of the audience, at all. I don’t know how our tech guy Tat Wza feels about this tech business deal gone south but as a former fan of the show, this isn’t sitting well with me. This isn’t the first time his bluff has been called… A little while back he was promoting a Coffee Bean product calling it, “the magic bean’. A short while after the publicly endorsed the product on his show the FDA came and swept it off the shelf’s and sued the maker of the pill for false advertising and Dr.Oz was grilled by the senate. What other products have been pushed to make a profit? Over the past 5 seasons of the show, Dr.Oz has promoted thousands of products and now people are left to decide if they were genuine suggestions or a means for him to continue to build his empire.
Has Dr.Oz taken advantage of the fact that everyone in some capacity is a hypochondriac?

Dr.Oz, how could you?!

Since WikiLeaks reveled Dr.Oz is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing he’s tried to save face by saying, “he will not be silenced” . His fall from respectable doctor to money hungry business man in scrubs has happened in moments as 10 noteworthy doctors request he resign from Columbia University for “promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain”. He denies these allegations by writing it off as a “freedom of speech”. Say what you want Dr.Oz, the gig is up!

Catch a clip of his rebuttal to the critics that will Air Thursday below