rico love

Something is definitely in the air as celebrities having been clapping back at haters left and right. We’ve seen recent clap backs from Chris Brown, Trina, and now Rico Love. Did he go too far with this one?

Rico Love is known to be a very laid back guy so it’s sort of surprising to see him in this light. He posted a picture of himself and his son in his backyard pool, with the caption ” I was gonna go to the Fountain Bleu for the pool party but i had more important things to do”. One of his followers saw this as an opportunity to inform Rico that his neighbors were too close and he should have a bigger house. Bad Move.

Rico didn’t waste anytime with the clap back, assuring the hater that the “neighbor’s house” was actually another part of his house. As if making him feel stupid wasn’t bad enough, Rico also gave the hater special instructions on how to get off his d***.

Sheeshhh! Instagram is officially a danger zone for haters until further notice. Check the gallery for photos!

Jen Mars: Twitter| Instagram