IFWT_Sgt Brown cant Breathe
This is quite disgusting, in El Paso Texas an active duty soldier that turned himself in for a DWI to serve a 2 day sentence back in 2012 was recorded by a guard(the video JUST leaked) showing the treatment by the police caused his death. Sgt. James Brown turned Himself in for a 2 day sentence, doing the ‘right thing’, but at the time of turning himself in he put in writing that he suffered from PTSD. He then called his mother to tell her they were trying to keep him for 7 days instead of 2 and he asked her to come pay the fine so he could get out of there, but by the time she came down the next day, he was dead.

Tat Wza

The video starts at a point that ‘something’ has happened already and Sgt. Brown was already bleeding, but where the video does pick up shows a swat like team entering the cell, rushing a man that’s NOT resisting, and telling everyone ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’, which now in 2015 is an infamous statement because of Eric Garner’s death, but back in 2012 it fell on def ears.

The officers dealing with Sgt. Brown clearly ignored his pleas and watched him die right there in front of them.
Brown’s mother wants people to see the video in hopes of changing the way police handle our soldiers. She made this statement;

“I pray that new laws protecting soldiers in custody will be implemented, that the military adopt new policy procedures in regards to their soldiers being held in custody by an outside agency. If these changes can be made and our soldiers are protected, and another family never has to experience what my family has, then my son’s death would not been in vain.”

Sgt. Brown had no prior criminal record, and his family and friends say he was a really good person. The sharif’s dept is claiming he died of a sickle cell episode, and as unfortunate as his death is, it’s not their fault….

“Mr. Brown’s death was an unfortunate tragedy. The sheriff’s office has conducted a thorough review of the facts surrounding Mr. Brown’s death and, based upon all the evidence obtained, determined that his death was caused by a pre-existing medical condition. The specific evidence cannot be discussed because of pending litigation.”

I guess aside from ignoring the please to live, which is apparent in the video, the family is currently suing the police dept for violation of the American with Civil Liberties Act because of Brown’s PTSD, excessive force, and lack of proper medical attention.