Earlier this year, Frank Ocean got fans hype when he posted to his Tumblr page the hashtags, “#ISSUE1, #ALBUM3, #JULY2015, and #BOYSDONTCRY.” Boys Don’t Cry being the name of his magazine, and tentatively the title to his Channel Orange follow-up. However, here comes today [July 20], and there has been no Ocean drops. Fans were under the assumption that July 20, instead of July 2015 would be the album’s release, but NO.

Still in the dark, fans take to Twitter to share their feelings on the WAIT. Check it out down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)
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Although the album has yet to drop, we can hold out for two things: 1.) The month of July is not over: and 2.) Ocean is rumored to have music on the soundtrack for Southpaw.

According to LetterBoxd, apart from the box office hitting storyline, [Southpaw] will have one of Frank Ocean’s song that is reportedly a part of his new album. “‘Southpaw’ is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer,” it said.

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