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Out of the ashes rises a phoenix…music heads and fans rejoice as singer, songwriter Frank Ocean Announces New “Boys Don’t Cry” Album!

Taking to his Tumblr to drop the news Frank Ocean Announces New “Boys Don’t Cry” Album and says he’s got TWO, count ’em not one, but “twoooo” versions for the people! It was all the way back in September we first heard about him hitting the studio with Hit-Boy and Rodney Jerkins for the sophomore update, then we got that “Memrise” around Thanksgiving and another tease before the new year with some Lil B studio sessions. Now, we’re finally onto something!

Frank Ocean Announces New “Boys Don’t Cry” Album Ocean who hit monstrous success not only as a young heavyweight in the industry, working from his home team OWGKTA crew all the way to Pharrell, Beyonce, Kanye and many more–but also with his first major release Channel Orange which many felt pushed the genre of R&B forward. Since that release he’s won a Grammy (for what it’s worth), performed at the event, been on Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, worked with John Mayer, Nas, Diplo, and of course a string of (less musical) drama.

But all is wiped away at the sound of the alarm, as Frank Ocean Announces New “Boys Don’t Cry” Album set to drop sometime in July! #Mustcop???

Check the gallery up top for his original post, check the vids for looks down memory lane!

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