IFWT_Baron Davis

In a recent interview with TMZ, Baron Davis was approached about his recent on camera roles and he was asked about his take on LeBron James. Now, to me this sounded like a small jab when the reporter asks him if LeBron is the best actor in the league and Baron laughs, then says yes.


First thing is first, what the hell is up with Baron Davis’ hair? He’s been seen sporting this jeri curl since his appearance on ESPN’s First Take earlier this summer and hasn’t let it go yet. I’m all for doing you, but its clear he doesn’t have any real people around him telling him he looks like a fool out here! LOL!

Moving along, we all know King James can be a little over the top on the floor when it comes to getting fouled. One thing is for sure, though, seeing how LeBron towers over many players in the league as far as stature goes, he probably feels he has to sell those hits. Even still, LeBron often gets called out by fans and analysts alike for exaggerating contact he receives. It looks like Baron Davis was playing on that as well.

Baron On LeBron’s Acting…

Now, the reporter may have not even picked up on this but who else is into acting in the NBA besides Blake Griffin and MAYBE CP3 in his state farm commercials? LOL! Not a huge board to compare acting to and when Baron laughs, that closed the deal for me.

Was he taking a shot?