Dame Dash seems to always have a new business venture up his sleeve and with the success of past endeavors, I would not be surprised if his latest business plan takes off. Dame has been working on a streaming service–Dame Dash Studios–for some time now and it is set to launch on September 1st!

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Those with a business sense have to respect the grind that Dame is constantly on. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, this streaming service that Dame is about to embark on is nothing like Jay-Z’s Tidal. While Tidal is strictly to promote music and help increase artist revenue, Dame’s service will stream all music and films that he has the rights to.

As far as film is concerned, customers can expect new content to be provided with the service as Dame is currently in the works in producing several projects. According to the man himself, he wants to give the people an outlet to watch the films they want to see and more importantly things that they need to see. For instance, the service will feature self-help training and books to help people become their own boss. Classics like Paper Soldiers and Paid In Full will definitely be available on the service as well.

Also, original content such as ‘Loisadas,’ which was executive produced by Kanye West, will make a debut on the service. The yearly subscription rate for Dame Dash Studios will go for $49.99 or customers can pay monthly at $9.99. However, a promotion is currently running for those that want to sign up before September 1st and that is known as the Insiders rate.

Given the current trend of the success of streaming services these days, I would not be surprised if Dame Dash Studios takes off; however, I think the marketing for the project will also be key.