The first week sales are in for Drake and Future’s high profile collaboration. Click the jump to see where they charted, and Mac Miller’s first week numbers.

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Even though the ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ was released on Sunday, Drake and Future still manage to top this weeks charts by selling 339,538. The album didn’t reach the numbers that were first reported, but was still able to debut number one. This is Drake’s 5th number one album, and Future’s second.

Both of Future’s number one album came this year, showing how amazing these 12 months have been for the Atlanta rapper. This album shows again that no promotion and a strong fan base is the new wave. It seems like the highest selling albums this year had minimum promotion.

In other news, everyone’s favorite white rapper (of course not counting Eminem) Mac Miller debuted number 3 with his new album GO:OD AM. GO:OD AM was only able to sell 78,024 which is pretty disappointing for Mac Miller. This is Mac’s first album released on Warner Bros, and also his lowest first week sales. I guess the independent grind was actually better for the Pittsburgh rapper.

Check the gallery to see the charts.