The universe just will not let the Cowboys be great this season. Unfortunately, Dallas keeps getting hit with injury after injury and yesterday during their game against New Orleans, they suffered another devastating blow. Lance Dunbar is out for the year after tearing his ACL. Check the video!


In what was probably the most devastating blow to Dallas this season, their star quaterback, Tony Romo, was injured in week two and ruled out after fracturing his collar bone. Luckily for Dallas, he will not be out for the entire season. However, Dez Bryant is also out after breaking a bone in his foot which required him to have surgery. SMH. If that wasn’t enough, they have now lost Lance Dunbar who leads the team with 21 catches for 215 yards. This is also a career high for Dunbar.

Dunbar ACL Injury…

With ACL injuries, there is just no possible way to return during the same season. So, Cowboys fans, kiss your leading running back goodbye. Romo looks to be back during week 11 against Miami and if the Cowboys can maintain a record that mirrors the rest of the NFC East, then they will look to Romo to get them to the next phase of the season. Playoffs. Dez Bryant is intent on returning to play in Week 7 against the Giants but it is guaranteed that it will happen.