So we all remember the hit and run accident that took place in Blac Chyna’s car a few weeks ago right? Chyna’s BMW crashed into audi and two woman were seen in mini skirts fleeing the scene. Chyna says she was not there but since it was her car doesn’t that leave her responsible financially in some way, shape, or form? Well in other news, TMZ lets us know exactly who the driver of the car is.

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Black Chyna did not lie, she was not behind the wheel. However, we now learn that the person who was is a reality TV star. She is in some serious trouble for this accident. Fleeing the scene is something that is not taken lightly. Paige Addison from the show “Boss Nails” admitted to LAPD that she was the driver of the vehicle. Paige also validated that Chyna was no where around at the time of the accident. Authorities say leaving the scene of a crime especially when people where injured can be looked upon as a felony. This is about to get really ugly.