Blac Chyna’s vehicle was in a huge accident over the weekend, except she was not in the car!

Her white BMW was allegedly speeding down Reseda Blvd. in San Fernando Valley when it ran a stop sign and crashed right into a black Audi SUV. Although the car is under BC’s name, the passengers of the hit car claim that it was “two African-American women in mini skirts” that hopped out the vehicle after the crash and got into the car that was following them – completely fleeing the scene. They just left the car there without checking to see if the passengers in the other car were okay.

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The impact of the hit was so serious that Blac Chyna’s car took out both a fire hydrant and a pole. The passengers of the other vehicle were also apparently injured pretty bad. A hit and run report has already been reported and is currently being investigated.

As for BC, we are told that she stayed in on Saturday night (when the accident occurred) but that she often lends out her car to her friends. Now under California law, if the owner of a car gives permission to someone to drive their car, they are on the hook for any legal issues that occur.

Yikes, this can get messy. Check out the photos from the scene in the gallery.

Source: TMZ