What a way to ring in 2016. You would think that after all the controversy that went on in late 2014 that continued in 2015, that now is spilling over into 2016 with the slaying of black lives would stop. But no, thanks to our very own Times Square Ball twitter account, we apparently have not had enough yet. Hit the jump for the full story.


Precisely before midnight on New Years Eve, the twitter handle for the Times Square Ball tweeted out simply “#BallLivesMatter”.

Now, some might not take it that serious, some might have taken it as a joke, and some might have taken extremely personal if you were a victim of racial police brutality as of late.

If you were one of the first two, think to yourself how you would feel if you or a loved one was brutally injured or killed and now your own nation’s capital is trying to capitalize off of that misfortune for a couple retweets and likes? You would probably wind up as the third option.

The tweet was of course deleted once it started to receive backlash, but in 2016 if you put something on the internet it’s good as permanent thanks to data and screenshots.

As of January 1, New York Daily News reports that no one from the Times Square Ball and Times Square Alliance have commented on the situation.

Hit the gallery for the mockery.