It has been a hell of a 24 hour period for the Cleveland Cavs and their fans. Things were so crazy in fact that players on the team had no idea what was going on. They thought they were being called in for a team meeting for one reason and wound up learning something completely different.


Players on the Cavs yesterday thought they were about to be told that Kevin Love was traded. Instead, they found out coach David Blatt was fired and Tyronn Lue was being named his successor.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted “How surprised were Cavs players today? When team meeting was called, some players speculated Kevin Love had been traded”

The fact they thought Love was gone is interesting because that could mean players were expecting it because he isn’t helping as much as they thought before bringing him in last season. It’s not that Love’s game has fallen off suddenly but he just doesn’t seem to fit on that team and how they play. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Love would welcome a trade at this point but at least for now he is staying put.