Here we go again! A busy night for hip-hop is continuing after Drake dropped “Summer 16” and Meek Mill dropped 4/4 Part 2. Both throwing shots at each other plus other notable names, all from the hood to the White House. Meek throwing shade at Drake in his track “War Pain” was a fraction anticipated from earlier this afternoon, but was a bit of a surprise to actually hear it. Now he says Drake’s infamous ghostwriter Quentin Miller let him in on what Drake had in stored for Meek tonight. Hit the jump.


Meek went on his Instagram to reveal to everyone “The ghostwriter told me!” (crying/laughing emoji face) – with a picture of him cheesin like Nicki finally let him go at her boy Drizzy.

Something tells me this beef is far from over and that were not going to hear the last from either artist on this whole “ghostwriter” matter for a while. But pay attention to the one reaping all the benefits and now who is claimed to be switching sides – Quentin Miller. He might go down in notoriety for this giant controversy and could possibly hold more dirt on both artists to put both of their careers six feet under. He’s dealing the cards.

Hit the gallery above for Meek’s Instagram post.