Charlie sheen is selling his Bullet Proof Maybach on eBay yes its charlie sheen but just why is everyone going crazy? Two reasons he is starting the bid at a whooping low of just $200 dollars,which spikes up pretty quickly as the but it now price reaches $325,000. The second reason everyone is going crazy is because this 2009 Maybach is completely bullet proof. Talk about custom!


Charlie’s black 2009 Bullet Proof Maybach Landaulet 62S was just listed on eBay and many are saying that the car is fit for the pope or President Obama due to the fact that it is completely bullet proof. After seven years with the car we are sure if that car could talk it would tell us unbelievable stories, but since it can not charlie shares his reason behind the sell of his all black Maybach. The star simply shares that

“he is done dodging bullets an expired fear mongering caucus lost their vote”

Ebays prices flucuate depending on the bids placed one thing for sure is $200 or $325,00 the buyer is still getting a great deal on a bullet proof maybach.The average cost of a Maybach 62 built to order also known as custom starts at around $400,000. Sheen listed the car as celebrity owned and in perfect condition.