Klay Thompson is enjoying one hell of a season. He is averaging more than 21 points per game and is part of the best backcourt in the NBA along with Steph Curry. Klay’s season got even better last night as he won the three point contest over his teammate. The Warriors have alot to play for during the second half of the season, most notably going for the 1995-96 Bulls all time record of 72 wins. Klay says after the contest, MJ actually spoke to him and said the Warriors should go for it.


The Warriors are currently 48-4 and need to go 25-5 to set a new record. Considering how their season has gone, winning 25 of their final 30 is very doable. Now they do have some tough games remaining but that didn’t stop Michael from offering his encouragement.

“He said ‘Go ahead and go break the record,'” Thompson said after taking home the 3-Point Contest title.

“I still get starstruck when I see him,” Thompson continued. “I’m like, wow that’s the guy that everyone wanted to be growing up.”

“I felt like I honestly arrived too, because he knew who I was so that was really cool.”

You have to wonder how sincere MJ was. That Bulls record is one of the most famous ones of all time across all sports and I actually believe there will be some players from that Bulls team who will pop champagne if the Warriors lose an 11th game.