The sultry songstress, Jhene Aiko, recently visited Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY to support Senator Bernie Sanders.  Aiko performed a series of songs from her collaborative album featuring rapper, Big Sean titled, “Twenty 88.”  She performed “Space Jam,” “W.A.Y.S. and “Eternal Sunshine” with the help of a live pianist according to Vibe magazine. Jhene Aiko actually closed the show after the panel discussion.

At the theater, Sanders hosted his, “Community Conversation” event where he addressed a number of issues in society relevant to minorities such as the policing in specific neighborhoods, and education. To moderate the event, the renowned American film director, Spike Lee, lead the panel discussion. Alongside Lee was Erica Garner, who’s father, Eric Garner, was a victim of police brutality, Harry Belafonte, a Community Activist, and Nina Turner, former Ohio Senator, Nina Turner.

Together, the panel and Senator Bernie Sanders explained why his objective if elected president would benefit the community. Many supporters  posted pictures and videos underneath the social media tag #FeelTheBern throughout the evening. Like Aiko, a number of influencers in the Hip-hop community have also endorsed Senator Sanders.  Below is live Instagram footage of Jhene Aiko singing for a packed Apollo, and Senator Bernie Sanders.

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