It just seems like this week the police have just continuously been taking L’s. The other day it went down in Memphis, Tennessee !! An altercation occurred in the city between a police officer and a civilian. Midway thru the scuffle things took a turn for the worse for the officer as he ended up getting Jumped! Peep the WILD video and check out how twitter reacted after the jump!

And cue the DJ Khaled famous quote… “Another one!” The other day in Memphis, Tennessee things got crazy. It appears that an officer was responding to a fight between individuals. At some point the officer got into it with a bystander. The altercation got physical! But plot twist; Things took a turn for the worst for this officer. Midway through the scuffle the officer seemed well on his way to subduing the individual when another bystander kicked the officer. Other people around followed suit and before you know it the officer was being attacked from all angles! The officer was able to regain his ground and the attackers scattered in different directions. There is no word as of yet if the attackers of this assault were ever apprehended. The video had twitter in an uproar with and mixed opinions. How do you feel about this video? Weigh in on the comments section below, BreadFox out.

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