Peter Rosenburg is making major moves! This radio personality, is not just a star within the Hot 97 community, but a star on the Big Screen! Check out what he has been up to.

Alexandra McLeod Instagram|Twitter

Peter Rosenburg, radio personality associated with Ebro In The Morning Show, has extended his creative skills in other areas that appear to be very worthwhile!

Barbershop: The Next Cut, now in theaters, featuring big name celebs (i.e. Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, George Tillman) is about the merge of a barbershop and beauty salon in order to survive harsh economic times. This humorous, story-telling film has been known to be a comedy for all to see. Especially witnessing our very own HOT 97 family member, Peter Rosenburg featured on the film.

It makes us wonder, is there more to expect after Rosenburg’s appearance on the big screen this spring?Congratulations on a big move! #PraiseTheGrinders

See gallery for Rosenburg’s appearance on the film. He is on the left side.