Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has been talked about frequently in the media. Seems like they’re back at it again with lawsuits. So for those who don’t know Urban is in massive hot water for using Navajo in their recent line of clothes. Click more for more info!

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Now Urban has been in situations like this before whether its promoting the wrong idea or just being careless when it comes to race. Either way The Navajo Tribe has had enough. The Tribe has been in lawsuits with the company that dates back more than 11 years! The tribe hasn’t specified how much they would want from the lawsuits at hand but they could get millions of dollars dating back to 2008 or $1,000 per item per day that specifically says ” Navajo”.

Even with the lawsuits stretching over a decade with Urban, The Navajo tribe has been fighting specifically in these last four years against them for alleged trademark infringement, violations of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, and other allegations. The Navajo Tribe has been fighting for their trade mark on America since the government pushed them onto the “reserve”. Even with that they’ve trademarked “Discover Navajo”. Which is a site that focuses on the Greatness of the Navajo Reserve located in Window Rock, AZ.

Since the tribe has next doesn’t have a lot of money and lack of technology its important they win this case so they get exactly what is right and just.  Personally I have been studying this case since 2011, you guys should look into it. Talk to and tell me what you think?
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