Conan thought it would be a good idea do a college themed skit to promote Seth Rogen and Zack Efron’s new movie “Neighbor’s 2”. What better way to do that than to play the classic game of Mario Kart. In typical college fashion, Zac and Seth decided that the loser of each game had do something that’s a bit risky, even for late night tv.

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Conan was not ready. Little did he know the amount of L’s he was going to take that day. The game started off with him winning. Seth Rogen came in last so they decided to draw a penis on his arm. Conan should’ve advocated for the face, but Zack Efron and Rogen were miles ahead of him. That would be Conan’s last moment of hurrah.

Conan literally lost every game after that one victory. So you know what that means… Sharpie time. And they held nothing back, haha. Check out the embarrassment below.