IFWT_Baghdad bombings

Sadly late last night a bombing in Baghdad happened targeting the Karrada district were the citizens were celebrating Ramadan. Death total has risen to 125 people, including a dozen young children and 187 people wounded. This is the third massive attack carried out from ISIS supporters in the last few days. The extremists of ISIS or the Islamic State acclaimed responsibility saying the attack was for “shiite Muslims” even though the area that was first bombed was a mixed center for shopping and eating unlike a temple for praying. Many civilians that saw the attack went to social media to talk about the bombing.

Update: 143 dead ?

Chinyere Anokwute

The one tweet that I did see came from Iraqi journalist, Steve Nabil saying

WE as Humans can and will defeat #isis and the radical terrorist groups once we are united. We have to embrace each other and stand solid

During tragedy like such we do have to be united as humans to defeat the ultimate enemy which in this case is radical terrorist. You can see the rest of the photos of this tragedy in the gallery up above. Holla at my social media!