The second annual NBA Players Voice Awards took place yesterday, minus all the hoopla from last year. There was an actual award show on television last year that most of the players attended but this year they chose to just do everything via twitter. There was some controversy last year when Steph Curry was voted the MVP by the media but the players turned around and gave James Harden the award. While there wasn’t much controversy this time around, there were a couple awards that might make you scratch your head a bit.


For the most part these players association awards mirrored the awards given out by the media. Karl-Anthony Towns was voted “rookie of the year”, Paul George was voted “comeback player of the year” and Jamal Crawford was voted “Best off the bench”. There were a couple questionable awards, such as Gregg Popovich being voted the coach most guys want to play for despite Steve Kerr being named coach of the year by media. Steph Curry was also voted the MVP by the players but in another category of which player do you want to play with, the vote went to Lebron James hands down.

Being that this award show went from television once year to just twitter the next, I won’t even be surprised if they don’t do it at all next year but for now check out some of the winners in different categories such as “best dressed” going to Russell Westbrook.