Azealia Banks has become way more known for her social media antics for her music in recent years. In fact, since 2013, Banks has steadily lost deals and opportunities pertaining to music because of said antics, and really has only remained relevant through her one-sided beefs with nearly everyone. Hopefully, she can turn it around with this new deal she’s reportedly signed.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

According to Banks’ Facebook page, the troubled rapper is inking a deal with Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, after bonding with him on set of a new movie they’re working on together. The film, Coco, sees Banks playing a “twenty-something female rapper from Brooklyn who wants to pursue a music career,” as per Noisey‘s description.

It seems like she’s letting the cat out of the bag before everything is finalized, but hopefully this works out for her. I thinks she’s a disgusting mess of a human being for all of the deplorable things she’s said about nearly every race and every kind of person, but perhaps she’s been in a bad place and will be fixing those issues as well. Let’s see!