Basically, any ranking system starts a huge debate.  Usually, ESPN’s NBA ranking list causes major controversy, but this time around its SLAM magazine’s Top 50 in the NBA list that caused a firestorm.

This season Carmelo Anthony was ranked No. 15 on the Top 50 list, the lowest he’s been on the SLAM list since its inception.  Anthony’s highest ranking was No. 4 in 2013.

SLAM wrote:

Anthony is one of the League’s best players, but he is not on par with LeBron James or Steph Curry or some others. He is a scorer, and though he is not a selfish player, his style has never produced great consistency or postseason success. It seems likely that Anthony will join the short list of all-time greats who never won a Championship. He will probably finish with, at worst, the 12th-most points ever scored.

Anthony was NOT happy with his ranking, and wrote his thoughts in SLAM’s Instagram comment section, under his picture.

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