You have got to know the Ray and Janay Rice backstory. If not, check out a little here. Well, Ray is not giving up his dreams of making it back to the NFL.

Clearly he is continuing to keep his body in RB shape. Check out the footage of him running like a freaking road runner at 22MPH. Humans are not supposed to do that yall…not even close. Here I am trying to get my speed-walking up to 5 on the treadmill LOL.

Seriously, do you think that the country will ever be able to forgive Rice long enough for him to make a comeback? Domestic violence is a serious thing, and though we may have heard about it time and time again, this was the first time that we actually saw proof. Forgivable after counseling, suspension (indefinitely), and charity talks with forthcoming players? His wife forgave him. What say you?

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