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The woman behind the story that captured the nation is finally speaking out.  Janay Rice did an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer for the “Today Show” which aired this morning.  Janay was extremely emotional as she talked about the elevator incident which showed her now husband Ray Rice knocking her out and then dragging her lifeless body out of an elevator.  Janay believes the entire situation happened for a reason.

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Janay Rice says the elevator attack was all part of god’s plan telling Matt Lauer she believes she and Ray were “chosen” to help bring awareness to domestic violence.

Rice says she believes there is a “silver lining” to the incident explaining, “I feel like God chose me and Ray for a reason and it was definitely to bring awareness to what people are going through every day.”

She continued, “You know it’s not what I am going through every day but you know it’s definitely brought this topic to the forefront … and we are okay with that.”

Janay made a point to make it known that it was a one-time incident and not an ongoing problem but she believes the national attention will help people who are going through it on a regular basis.

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