NFL: Ray Rice Back With The Ravens?

After all the domestic violence drama surrounding former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice, his wife Janay, and the entire NFL…would the Ravens really bring Rice back so soon? Apparently…

NFL: Check Out How Much TMZ Paid For the Video of Ray Rice Knocking Out His Wife

TMZ was once just another gossip site that people didn’t trust but over time they’ve broken some of the biggest stories in sports and entertainment including the death of Michael Jackson and the footage of Ray Rice knocking out his wife Janay Rice.  It’s no secret that they pay for information and footage but just how much?

(Video) NFL: Janay Rice Says It “Pisses Her Off” When People Call Her Husband Ray A Wife Beater

Whether you agree with her or not, Janay Rice is still vigorously defending the integrity of her husband and currently “former” NFL player, Ray Rice. The couple did an interview with ESPN which aired yesterday, talking about Ray’s battle to find a job again and how things have been since that fateful night in Atlantic City when Ray hit her.

NFL: Ray Rice Awarded $1.588 Million From Baltimore Ravens in Wrongful Termination Case

After video surfaced of Ray Rice brutally knocking his wife Janay unconscious, he was released by the Baltimore Ravens.  Rice was of course upset about the termination and believed the team would stand by him after he reportedly disclosed everything to them before the story blew up.  Rice filed a wrongful termination grievance and received a hefty sum of money.

NFL: Ray Rice Admits He Contemplated Suicide After Domestic Violence Incident Last Year

Ray Rice opened up a little more about the domestic violence situation he put himself in last year after hitting his then fiance, Janay Rice, admitting he had thoughts of taking his own life. Naturally those thoughts probably came from the embarrassment and the shame of what he had done but nonetheless, it still points to how serious the situation was behind closed doors, while the media was thirsty to invade the family’s privacy. Things seem to slowly be getting better for Ray and Janay, but there were some very dark times.

NFL: Ray Rice Issues Letter Of Apology To Fans

Ray Rice has issued an apology to the city of Baltimore and fans of the Ravens. His arrest for domestic violence totally changed things for him and his team, although the Ravens were still pretty good without him, but nonetheless his bad decision left his team and teammates out to dry. His goodwill tour continues with this apology which comes after news he was offered $1 million dollars to be part of a fantasy league.

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