Baltimore Ravens star Steve Smith ripped into Giants kicker Josh Brown over his domestic violence incidents with his now ex-wife that became public this week. Smith didn’t stop there however, he also called out the NFL for a broken system of how they deal with issues of domestic violence involving their players and he was 100% right about both.


The written journal that Brown was keeping to record his feelings about the situation with his ex-wife was made public this week and it’s full of ugly, dark admissions. I guess you can give Brown some type of credit for trying to face his problems and getting therapy even before all of this became public but it’s still very hard to ignore some of the information.

He admitted to physically, mentally and emotionally abusing his ex-wife, Molly, including more than 20 incidents over the years. When Smith heard about what had been going on, he took to social media to let Brown know that instead of facing any suspension, he would have made sure to cause him pain. “You know what if your ex-wife was my daughter yo ASS would be on IR…. what a shame NFL acts like it cares”.

Smith followed that up with another post where he admitted his initial message may have gone to far but he reiterated that any man who hits a woman is not a real man.

He then went off on the league itself for how it treats these situations and putting priority over something stupid like “deflategate” but not domestic violence.

“We have valued the amount of air in a ball but yet devalued when a person or persons may have been harmed and fail to put forth necessary actions of energy and time in which far less important things have taken precedent!” Steve Smith said on social media last night. “There have been players with far less [offenses,] some have been banned, cut on the spot. But this person had behavior patterns behind closed doors unknown to everyone while swift and harsh action handed down to many players without half the details or amount of time.

“Our system is broken the NFL needs to stop acting like they care and start showing people they mean what they say. I will continue to speak for the voiceless and for my mother who is a survivor of domestic violence.”

Smith absolutely nailed it with his comments about the league. They like to pick and choose when they feel bothered about something and they usually get it right.

As of now, Brown is not traveling with the Giants to their game in London this weekend but no word yet on what will happen long term with Brown and the team. Hopefully they get it right because they have to do more than just the one game suspension he faced to start the season.

Make sure to check the gallery for Steve Smith’s full messages to Brown.