Steph Curry shot 0 for 10 from three point land last night but French Montana was 1 for 1 on the same court. What does that mean? Obviously it means Curry’s time has passed and the Warriors new hope to team up with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to win a championship is to sign French for the rest of the season and release Curry like the washed up bum he is.


Since there is usually a moron or two who can’t understand what a joke is, yes I’m joking about the comments above. Although when it comes to bandwagon fans who are out of their mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone agreed with me.

Earlier we reported that during the Warriors loss to the Lakers last night, Steph Curry shot 0-10 from downtown and saw his consecutive streak of 157 games with at least one made three pointer come to an end. Maybe he should have watched French’s form when he stepped on the court in all white and finished the night shooting 100% from deep.

#FrenchMontana taking shots last night at the #Lakers game ??? #buckets

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