The Golden State Warriors lost by 20 points to the Lakers last night in a game they were never really in from the start. It more so had to do with the night before against Oklahoma City and all the emotion they spent, rather than the Lakers actually being better than but give the Lakers and their young core some credit. They showed up and came to play and did what they were supposed to do. If you’re joking on the Warriors now you might want to get them out of your system because in a couple months when they fully gel together, there won’t be much to laugh at.


Kevin Durant was really the only player on the Warriors to show up, as he extended his consecutive game streak with at least 20 points to 69 games, which is only two shy of the NBA record held by Michael Jordan.

While KD is on his way to getting that record, his teammate Steph Curry saw one of his own streaks come to an end last night. Steph had hit a three pointer in 157 straight games coming into the night but he proceeded to go 0 for 10 from downtown, thus ending his streak.

157 straight games with a three is pretty remarkable and he should have no worry that any player is going to break that for possibly decades to come.

Last year the Warriors didn’t lost their second game until December 30th but nobody is panicking on their side and they really is nothing to panic about.

“We’re not gonna be perfect every game, as much as you want us to be,” Kevin Durant said.

Klay Thompson piggy backed off Durant’s comment saying “Not making shots,” Thompson told ESPN. “I’m not going to panic, playing like crap. It’s November so I’m not going to panic. I had a bad start last year, too. That’s all I got for you.”

It was a great win for the Lakers but the loss to the Warriors isn’t really a big deal. They will be perfectly fine and will hit their stride soon and then it’s watch out NBA.