NBA: The Warriors & Spurs Are Resting All Their Main Players For Saturday’s Game And Fans Are Pissed

image via: twitter Saturday night’s game in San Antonio between the Spurs & Warriors was supposed to be one of the marquee games of the entire season. ABC decided to make the game it’s prime time game of the week for Saturday night but they can pretty much bet on having terrible ratings after it was announced that most of the best players on both teams won’t be playing. As you might expect, fans who paid extremely high resale prices to get into the arena are very angry after dishing out lots of money to basically watch the reserves from both teams.

NBA: Warriors Reach Out To TNT In Regards To Shaq/JaVale McGee Beef

image via: youtube The Golden State Warriors reportedly reached out to the TNT network on Friday night to address the constant slander that Shaq has been throwing JaVale McGee’s way. Unless you live under a rock then you know their beef went to a new level early Friday morning as the two traded insults on twitter which eventually led to Shaq threatening to harm McGee.

NBA: Steph Curry Is Set To Break The Bank This Summer With A Deal Worth More Than $200 Million!

photo credit The money truck is going be backing up to Steph Curry’s house this summer in a way that no NBA player has ever seen before. If you thought that this past summer was crazy in NBA free agency, just wait until next summer. That’s thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement, which will allow more spending, more players on rosters and will give a serious home court advantage to teams trying to resign their own players.

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Still Has No Love For The Warriors, Says They Play “Little Girly Basketball”

Despite the Golden State Warriors going into their game last night against the Rockets with a record of 16-2, which was the best in the league, Charles Barkley is still having a hard time respecting them. He continued his more than two year verbal onslaught of the Warriors on Inside The NBA, where he was looking for every reason to not admit the team was the best in the west. After saying the Spurs were better, Kenny Smith started calling him a hater and that’s when Barkley compared the Warriors to girls.

(Photo) NBA: Golden State Warriors Are Doing Their Best To Embrace The Role Of Villains

Since the majority of NBA fans feel some type of way towards the Warriors, especially with the addition of Kevin Durant, the team is doing it’s best to embrace the role of villain. They have already been doing what they can to show the media and fans alike that they have no problem being the bad guy.

NBA: Warriors Lose To Lakers And Steph Curry’s Record For Consecutive Games With A Three Came To An End

The Golden State Warriors lost by 20 points to the Lakers last night in a game they were never really in from the start. It more so had to do with the night before against Oklahoma City and all the emotion they spent, rather than the Lakers actually being better than but give the Lakers and their young core some credit. They showed up and came to play and did what they were supposed to do. If you’re joking on the Warriors now you might want to get them out of your system because in a couple months when they fully gel together, there won’t be much to laugh at.

(Video) NBA: Klay Thompson Is Not Happy Being Called “Coward” By An Anonymous Source

Earlier this week, ESPN released a story about Draymond Green on how he can both be the reason the Warriors win the championship or could be the reason they don’t achieve the success they feel they should. It focused more on his personality and how it can be a good thing but also rub people in the organization the wrong way at times. Those aren’t the reasons we are talking about it today though. Some quotes in the story had Klay Thompson upset and he wasn’t shy about expressing himself about it.

NBA: Dwight Howard Claims He Doesn’t Know Which Players Are On The Warriors

I realize Dwight Howard had a busy summer of his own, which included changing addresses from Houston to Atlanta after he signed with the Hawks but he is definitely lying about this! I can’t figure out if he is just trying to sound cool, like he had to much going on to pay attention to other teams or if he is trying to play mind games. Despite all the attention the Golden State Warriors received during the off season with the signing of Kevin Durant, Dwight claims to not know who plays for them. Insert your side eye here!

NBA: Kevin Durant & His New Warriors Teammates Speak On Playing Together For The First Time

Last night was Team USA’s first exhibition game leading up to the Olympics and they made easy work of Argentina, defeating them 111-74 without much effort. Last night was also the first time Kevin Durant got to play a real game with some of his new teammates from the Warriors in Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. It’s still scary to think just how good they will be together next season with Steph Curry but at least for last night, the new mates didn’t think much of it.

NBA: Golden State Warriors Asking For Insane Amount Of Money To Advertise On Their Jersey

Starting with the 2017-18 season, NBA teams will see an advertising patch added to their jersey’s for the first time ever. This is nothing new in the sports world, as soccer teams around the world and even the WNBA all have logo’s and patches from companies who paid for that space. It is new in the NBA though and so far we’ve only heard details of how two teams are going about it and they couldn’t be more different.

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