NBA: Wait Iggy Didn’t Kick Nick Out She’s The One Moving

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  So we thought that Iggy Azalea threw Laker Nick Young out of their California love pad. Remember when they were so happy? Welp, it’s over, and Iggy Iggs is tweeting…

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NBA: Report, Lakers Likely To Trade Nick Young This Summer

It sounds like things aren’t getting any better for Nick Young. He already has problems in the locker room, problems at home with his fiance Iggy Azalea because of those locker room problems and now he may have living situation problems. No, Iggy isn’t planning on leaving him (not yet anyway) but there are numerous reports that the Lakers would like nothing better than to ship him out of Los Angeles.

NBA: Staples Center Received Scary Terrorist Threat Prior To Lakers/Clippers Game

Thousands of fans had no idea they were the victim of a scary terrorist threat just prior to the Lakers vs Clippers game at the Staples Center at the end of January. Thankfully nothing came of it but a phone call the LAPD received just before the game started would be enough to put fear in your heart.

(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Teaming Up With Charities To Give Away Tickets To His Final Lakers Home Game

This is a nice move by Kobe for the fans and will help multiple charities at the same time. The Black Mamba has teamed up with the charitable fundraising platform Omaze to give away two front-row seats, which would otherwise cost an astronomical amount.

(Video) NBA: Drunken Nick Young Says Police Are Out To Get Him, Also Says No Way LAPD Has OJ Knife

Nick Young appears to be drunk in this video so hopefully he is joking otherwise police might truly start messing with him for real. Young was filmed outside a club in LA last night, where he seemingly may have had too many drinks and be began to vent on the sidewalk. He talks about everything from Police stopping him last week for loud music to they having it out for him. He also has his own opinion about the LAPD suddenly getting their hands on a knife from OJ’s property.

(Video) NBA: Kobe Got Dunked On, Came Right Back With Game Clinching Shot, Adds Finger Wag For Good Measure

The Lakers surprisingly looked pretty decent last night. I realize it was against the lowly Pelicans but still! Kobe in particular looked good as he dropped 27 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. Late in the game however, he had to be reminded he doesn’t have the hops he used to, as Ryan Anderson threw down the hammer on him. In classic Kobe style though, he came right back down the court and buried the game clinching three point shot and threw in a Dikembe Mutombo style finger wag.

NBA: Report, Lakers Open To Basically Trading Everyone Except Kobe

It is safe to say this is another year to forget for the Lakers and their fans. The only saving grace at all is every game is important simply because it is Kobe’s last hurrah. Other than that, nobody would be showing up at Staples Center and damn sure nobody would show up for their away games. The front office clearly knows they stink and with that said it appears damn near the entire team is on the trading block!

(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Wants Nothing To Do With Roy Hibbert’s Dap During Lakers Loss

Roy Hibbert found out last night that Kobe still takes basketball very serious. It might not be pretty at this stage of his career but he still wants to win. So with that said, Kobe wanted no parts of getting dap from Roy Hibbert after making a basket, considering the Lakers were already getting blown out by 17 early in the game. There are still no moral victories in the world of the Black Mamba.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Speaks On The Ten Year Anniversary Of His Epic 81 Point Game Against The Raptors

In case you missed it, ESPN put together an oral history of Kobe Bryant’s historic 81 point game from January 22nd of 2006. While the piece itself is way too long to share here, there are excerpt’s from the story that really jump out, including Kobe thinking he could have actually done better!

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