NBA: Jokes or Shot Fired? Kobe Says He Didn’t Want To See WHO Sign With The Lakers?!


Just jokes or shots fired?!  Fans are interpreting what Kobe Bryant had to say about Kevin Love today in different ways.  As we all know Kevin ended up with the Cavs, but there was talks about him going to the Lakers.
So what did Kobe think about the possibility?!  Some fans think it was just jokes & others think it was a jab.  Check it out & let us know what you think????

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Black Mamba Speaks “When I leave, it’s because I choose to”


A lot of people are looking forward to Kobe Bryant’s return [ I know I am] at the age of 36 he’s is entering his 19th season after having a very rough 18th season. Missing 19 game while recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and 57 with a fractured left knee that pretty much wrapped up the season for him. But, using Derek Jeter’s exit as an example he would like to leave healthy and on his own terms.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: He’s Got A Message! Kobe Bryant Makes A Statement With His T-Shirt at Practice


Kobe’s really got fans talking today!  First it was all about his decision on Nick Young vs. Iggy Azalea & now it’s about the shirt he rocked to practice today.  He’s making a point — or you can say he’s just enjoying himself & trolling — either way, the message is clear.
Check it out…

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NBA: New Feud?! Kobe Bryant Comments On Nets Star Deron Williams, & He Responds


The Black Mamba is one of the most dedicated players to have ever stepped foot on the court. He made some interesting comments about Deron Williams, who seemed to have not taken Bryant’s comments lightly. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: LOL! Jeremy Lin Recreates Commercials In “Lindorsements”,


The Lakers guard had some of us cracking up all summer! From dunking on his family to pretending to be a wax statue, Lin has an amazing sense of humor. In “Lindorsements” he spoofs commercials for Dos Equis among others. It’s actually funny! Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Reveals Which Animal He Studied To Improve His Shot

IFWT_Kobe Bryants Muse

Kobe is one of the most intense students of the game! Even after all of his accolades, he finds ways to improve and attack. Love him or hate him, you have to give him credit. Bryant revealed how studying cheetahs assisted him with his fade away shot.

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(Video) NBA: LOL! Lakers Star Nick Young Performs Poetry During Practice


“Swaggy P” posted a couple of his best lines on social media and they were hilarious. We wonder how Kobe feels about Young’s poetry during practices! His adorable son Nick Jr. even makes a cameo in one of the vids. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Rumor Mill, Vanessa Bryant May Join Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County?


I can’t see Kobe being cool with this but there are reports that his wife Vanessa, will be joining the cast of the “Real Housewives Of Orange County” starting next season. She really does not strike me as the type to be all caught up in the nonsense and ignorance of most reality television shows, but who knows, anything is possible in Hollywood. The show is looking for a new face and it appears they have zeroed in on Vanessa. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Aww! Lakers Star Nick Son Is The New Face Of A Luxury Fashion Brand


Nick Young Jr. is killing the modeling scene…at 2 years old. He locked in his first gig for Roubleau and took some adorable photos. Swaggy P must be proud! Hit the jump for details.

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Sports: Phil Jackson Says This NBA Player Trains Harder Than Michael Jordan Did


Everyone just loves the debates & comparisons between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – it’s never ending.  Well in a recent Q&A with the NY Post, Phil Jackson got fans talking again about the two stars.  I do wonder if MJ is going to have something to say about this though?!  Check out what the Zen Master said…

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