(Video) NBA: Kobe On The Knicks Triangle Offense: “That Ain’t No F*cking Triangle, That’s A Square”


In case you were wondering what Kobe Bryant thinks of the Knicks version of Phil Jackson’s famed “Triangle Offense”, he let his opinion he heard loud and clear at MSG yesterday as he visited New York for likely the final time ever as a player.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Wants To Silence Any Rumors About Ever Leaving LA “I’m A Laker For Life”


Seeing how things this season with the Lakers are not expected to go well, there has been constant talk about Kobe not wanting to go out like that and possibly wanting to play again next season. Problem is it’s pretty clear the Lakers wouldn’t want him back, meaning he would have to play elsewhere. The Knicks keep coming up simply because of the Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher, Triangle offense connection but Kobe wants to be clear that will not be happening.

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(Video) NBA: Lakers Lou Williams Put In Handcuffs By Vegas Police But Doesn’t Get Arrested


This is somewhat of a strange story but at least it didn’t end in an official arrest for Lakers player, Lou Williams. TMZ obtained footage of Williams being thrown in handcuffs by Vegas police the night of the Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto fight. Nobody seems to know for sure why it even happened.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Stephen A Smith A “Liar” Over Lakers Rumors, Claims He Never Speaks To Him


Kevin Durant is already on edge when it comes to dealing with the media and he should be. He has had to listen to constant nonsense rumors over the years about himself & Russell Westbrook not getting along, the constant negativity large portions of the media like to revel in, mistreatment and more. After today you can add Stephen A Smith to the list of people KD probably wants nothing to do with ever.

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NBA: He’s Back! Metta World Peace Agrees To One Year Deal With The Lakers


I still struggle with calling him anything but Ron Artest but Metta World Peace aka “The Panda’s Friend” is back in the NBA and wearing the purple & gold of the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously he is far removed from the player he was at his peak but with the Lakers being terrible he may still be able to help out, especially in the locker room.

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NBA: Shaq Tells Kobe To Keep Playing After 2015-16 Season


Shaq actually has something good to say about Kobe. A shock right? That may be a stretch because since Shaq has left the league and took up broadcasting on TNT and NBATV, he pretty much has good things to say about the Black Mamba–unless the discussion is surrounding the old days of the duo. However, in a recent interview, Shaq, like the rest of us, says Kobe should continue playing after his final contract year with the Lakers.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant To See Limited Playing Time This Upcoming Season


Kobe, who has been out since January with a torn rotator cuff, has just been cleared for all basketball activity. With the season approaching next month, some concerns have been raised about how the Lakers should handle Kobe. According to Byron Scott, Kobe will have limited playing time on the court.

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(Video) NBA: Nick Young Goes Off Outside Of Dave & Busters

IFWT_nick Young2

There is always someone recording when life comes at you fast. Apparently Swaggy P and his friends got into an altercation with another group at Dave & Busters in Los Angeles and he was caught spazzing after everything spilled outside

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(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Holds “Swaggy P Do’s & Don’t” Where He Gives Tips To Bag A Bad B*tch & More


Nick Young loves his fans and earlier today he held an impromptu “Swaggy P’s Do’s & Don’t” and had his followers on twitter hit him with questions. He winds up giving fashion & educational advice, tells people to think “what would Swaggy do” when faced with tough decisions and even winds up clowning a kid. The best answer by far though had to be his response when someone asked him his advice on how to bag a bad b*tch. Check the gallery, this was definitely Swaggy P being just being Swaggy P.

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(Video) NBA: Rare Footage Of A Young Kobe Bryant Doing The “Elbow Dunk” Years Before Vince Carter


When Vince Carter put on the best dunk contest performance ever back in 2000, one of the jaw dropping dunks was when he put his elbow through the hoop and just hung there. Fans and players stared in shock, not really sure what to think before realizing how high he had to be in the first place to do that. Nobody had ever seen it before but it turns out a young Kobe Bryant did the same thing a few years earlier while doing a tour of the Philippines in 1998. The younger, afro version of the Black Mamba made it look pretty easy himself.

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