(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Holds “Swaggy P Do’s & Don’t” Where He Gives Tips To Bag A Bad B*tch & More


Nick Young loves his fans and earlier today he held an impromptu “Swaggy P’s Do’s & Don’t” and had his followers on twitter hit him with questions. He winds up giving fashion & educational advice, tells people to think “what would Swaggy do” when faced with tough decisions and even winds up clowning a kid. The best answer by far though had to be his response when someone asked him his advice on how to bag a bad b*tch. Check the gallery, this was definitely Swaggy P being just being Swaggy P.

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(Video) NBA: Rare Footage Of A Young Kobe Bryant Doing The “Elbow Dunk” Years Before Vince Carter


When Vince Carter put on the best dunk contest performance ever back in 2000, one of the jaw dropping dunks was when he put his elbow through the hoop and just hung there. Fans and players stared in shock, not really sure what to think before realizing how high he had to be in the first place to do that. Nobody had ever seen it before but it turns out a young Kobe Bryant did the same thing a few years earlier while doing a tour of the Philippines in 1998. The younger, afro version of the Black Mamba made it look pretty easy himself.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Responds To D’Angelo Russell Saying Tracy McGrady Might Be The Goat


D’Angelo Russell might never admit it, but his heart was pumping wondering if he had pissed off Kobe. Earlier we reported Russell was claiming Tracy McGrady might be the GOAT, even though the GOAT of the generation is on his team! Kobe usually doesn’t take kind to foolishness but he is a little older now and perhaps more patient. He knows to expect things from younger players now but he did let D’Angelo know what he thought about McGrady being the GOAT before moving forward. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Lakers D’Angelo Russell Shows Out During Rookie Photo Shoot, Imitates Kobe


Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell has range. During the NBA rookie photo shoot Saturday, the lefty launched a bomb from the opposite foul line and the shot plopped right in. Russell, ever the showman, barely even smirked. He’s already Hollywood. But he wasn’t done there. The 2015 No. 2 overall pick added a one-handed backward bomb from half court for good measure.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant To Play Overseas?

IFWT_Kobe Bryant

Despite if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant or not, if you are a fan of good basketball then you too will not be looking forward to the day that we see Kobe take his last shots as an NBA player. Believe it or not, that time could come sooner than later; however, the NBA may not be Kobe’s last stop playing basketball.

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NBA: Father Of D’Angelo Russell Pleads Not Guilty To Chugging Bottle Of Lean & Weed Possession


Earlier this week, Antonio Russell, father of Lakers draft pick, D’Angelo Russell, was arrested during a traffic stop. Police said there was weed in the car and they saw him trying to drink a water bottle full of codeine and that there was even more codeine throughout the car.

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NBA: Lakers Brandon Bass Says Kobe Bryant Can Still Be The Best Player In The League


Kobe Bryant is in the twilight of his career. You know it’s really getting to that stage when you start envisioning yourself playing in another jersey that you have no business ever wearing, like how Bryant contemplated earlier this week. Hopefully Bryant retires as a Laker and doesn’t mess it up by thinking he should still play overseas. In the mean time one of his new teammates actually thinks he can still be the best player in the league.

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NBA: Could Kobe Bryant Play Overseas Next Year? He Talks About That & Much More During Q&A


This season is expected to be Kobe Bryant’s final season in his long and hall of fame NBA career. Then again with the competitive fire that burns inside the black mamba, next season might NOT be his last. In a Q&A With Yahoo Sports, Kobe talks about everything from retirement, young Lakers players, his finances and yes, the possibility of still playing basketball but not in the NBA.

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(Photos) NBA: Shaq Rips Scottie Pippen For Calling Him Out On Lakers Championships!


LMAO! A little backstory. Earlier today, Shaq posted a picture on his Instagram saying that the 5 Laker greats including Shaq, Kobe, Magic, Kareem, and Elgin Baylor would destroy the Bulls’ all time greats of MJ, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, and D. Rose. Not too long after that post, Scottie Pippen takes a shot at Shaq by letting him know he and MJ won 6 titles together while Shaq only won four in L.A. Shaq definitely did not like this and he GOES IN on Scottie Pippen! Check the gallery!

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NBA: Report, Indiana Pacers Trade Roy Hibbert To The Lakers!


I can’t see Kobe Bryant tolerating the sometimes bitchassness of Roy Hibbert but he won’t have much choice after the Pacers just traded the big man to Hollywood.

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