NBA: Smush Parker Denies Punching Kid In The Face


Former Lakers guard Smush Parker is denying any assault took place during a pick up basketball game in New York City. It was reported yesterday that he got into a dispute with a 16 year old during a game and the dispute let to Parker punching the kid in the face and getting alot of bad press. However Smush and his manager are denying that ever happened and turns out the father of the kid is the host of a tv show and just might be trying to get a little extra attention for his son, who is being recruited by some division I colleges. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Sums Up The Lakers Season In One Tweet & Has A Message About Next Season


Yep — the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers are all out of the playoffs :(  Kobe said f*ck it and left for vacation one game before the regular season ended — but he did tweet & had a message about this season and next.  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: Lol, Nick Young Brags About Iggy’s A$$, “What I’m Going To Do Shouldn’t Be Legal”


Iggy Azalea does have one nice ass & Nick Young is super proud that he’s the one that gets it.  Check out this video of what he said when the paparazzi spotted them leaving the club last night. Lmao,”All that ass.”

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(PHOTO) NBA: Iggy Azalea Shares Picture of Nick Young Drunk


The regular NBA season has ended, the Lakers are out of the playoffs so what do you do?!  Get drunk!  Lol.  These two are just soooo cute.  Iggy Azalea took to Twitter/Instagram early this morning to share a picture of her boo Nick Young drunk.  Now that the season’s over for him, I wonder how much more we’ll see these two together?
Hit the jump for the pic…

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Sports: Wade? Kobe? Nope! Fans Surprised When Nick Young Names The Best Shooting Guard in NBA


Swaggy P got fans talking once again!  Yesterday Nick Young took to Twitter to do a short Q&A session.  Well someone asked, “when are you gonna be a top 5 NBA player” — his answer had some fans shocked (even though it shouldn’t have – it’s Swaggy).  Gotta give the guy credit for his confidence???  I wonder if Kobe, Wade, Harden or others will respond?!  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: Nick Young’s Incredible Spinning 360 Reverse Layup!

IFWT_Nick reverse 3

Yea Swaggy P!  Nick Young drives baseline, avoids the defense with the 360 in the air, and somehow sinks the layup.  Iggy must be so proud!
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: It Wasn’t Nick & Iggy, But Here’s Whose Big A$$ Was In That Nude Pic!


Fans got duped last night when they thought a nude picture of Nick Young & Iggy Azalea leaked.  No it wasn’t Iggy’s big ol booty in those pics, but the woman behind that ass in the pic has been revealed.  She apologized to Iggy even though she was flattered that fans think her ass is like Iggy’s (some fans disagree).  She must be gaining so many followers on Twitter today. Lol.  Check it out…

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NBA: Javaris Crittenton Doesn’t Want To Wear Jail Uniform In Murder Trial, Here’s Why…

Gilbert Arenas arriving at Courthouse, Washington DC

Some may not agree with him, but I completely understand where he’s coming from — guilty or not.  Perception is reality.  While already awaiting a murder trial, Javaris was arrested for drugs in January.  Well now for his court date, he’s begging a judge not to force him to wear his jail uniform in court … so he won’t look guilty.
What do you think???  Hit the jump for details…

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(18+PHOTO) NBA: Nick Young & Iggy Azalea Alleged NUDE Pic Leaks, But Is It Them?! Both React!

IFWT_Nick Iggy 1

Last night the internet went crazy when a nude photo leaked and fans thought it Lakers baller Nick Young with his boo Iggy Azalea.  I can kinda see why people thought it was the couple, it resembles them … but sorry to break the news … it’s not them.  Both Nick and Iggy took to Twitter immediately to respond to the rumors.  Nick was hilarious with his response.
Check it out…

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(Photo) Kicks; Nick Young To Wear Black & Yellow Supreme Foamposite Against The Dallas Mavs Tommorrow Night!

IFWT_Nick Young Rocking Supreme Foams

Nick Youg AKA Swaggy P To Rock Supreme Foamposite In Tommorrows Game Against The Dallas Mavericks! Read More After The Jump…

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