IFWT_Iggy Nick

So we thought that Iggy Azalea threw Laker Nick Young out of their California love pad. Remember when they were so happy? Welp, it’s over, and Iggy Iggs is tweeting…

She says she didn’t get the car towed. So, you think Nick sold it? Since she’s saying it’s his house…she’s the one that’s moving…perhaps she needed that dough back to set up her new pad…#IJS

Who knows. There are always 3 sides to the truth. His. Hers. And the real.

It’s always sad to see couples break up, but alas…that’s the way love goes. On to the next one!!! And speaking of which….MediaTakeout claims that Nick is back with his baby momma and expecting another baby. Could that be the trust issue Iggy was referring to along with that 19 year old? Hmmmm….how you get them is how you keep them. #IJS #again