It sounds like things aren’t getting any better for Nick Young. He already has problems in the locker room, problems at home with his fiance Iggy Azalea because of those locker room problems and now he may have living situation problems. No, Iggy isn’t planning on leaving him (not yet anyway) but there are numerous reports that the Lakers would like nothing better than to ship him out of Los Angeles.


Swaggy P really, REALLY loves Los Angeles, so the fact he could be elsewhere next year might bother him more than any of this other nonsense. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers have already been trying.

The Lakers tried to trade Young, 30, each of the last two seasons as his production dropped. There were no takers. They will likely try to find a home for him again this off-season, which won’t be easy with a player who didn’t even get off the bench in eight games last month

The Lakers know that long term, Young and D’Angelo Russell likely won’t be able to co-exist and it’s a no brainer that you get rid of Young, considering Russell was the number 2 overall pick and still has tremendous upside. Young on the other hand, has been falling off and there have been many games this year where he hasn’t even got off the bench.

The other problem is the money Young is owed the next two seasons by the Lakers. It might be tough to find a team to take on his salary but I have a feeling the Lakers will make sure he is not back, one way or another.