Full Court Report is an NBA podcast and web series that can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and any other podcast app. Although the show is produced and distributed by TV5 Sports in the Philippines, it has an international presence due to its unique structure; 4 hosts who reside in different cities across 3 continents coming together to discuss and debate the world of basketball every Monday and Thursday. Most recently, The guys had me on as a guest, where as you guessed it, the talk was about Lakers drama and the upcoming playoffs.


Having multiple people involved in the show from different parts of the world is a great thing due to the truly unique perspectives each person can bring and how they view things. Also it helps when all four guys are seasoned veterans in the world of hoops.

Mo Twister in Los Angeles – TV presenter, radio DJ for Magic 89.9, and host of the highly downloaded “Good Times With Mo” podcast

The twitter world is already familiar with Chris Savage in New York, whether they realize it or not thanks to him being Co-creator of the @NotBillWalton Twitter feed and creator and writer for “The Shirtless Man” web series.

Brad Graham in Sydney, Australia – Writer, contributor to SLAM Magazine and Basketball Insiders, and Editor-In-Chief of Buckets Magazine

Jinno Rufino in Manila Philippines – TV presenter for TV5 Sports and BasketballTV, and writer for NBA.com/PH

There are many podcasts out there to listen to but do yourself a favor and give these guys a listen because unlike many other generic shows, these guys actually bring substance to the table.

Full Court Report is consistently ranked in the top 5 most downloaded sports podcasts on iTunes in the Philippines, as well as top 25 in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. The show has also cracked the iTunes Top 100 sports podcasts in the U.S. on various occasions. You can also follow the show on Twitter @FullCourtReport and on Facebook under the show’s name for NBA news and updates.