At the ripe old age of 24, Johnny Manziel has made it to the NFL, bombed that, done some rehab time, tried to make a comeback, but just cannot seem to chill. Why start now when his birthday is on Tuesday?

He’s not. Check Manziel out getting his birthday dance on…on the railing of a yacht in Miami. Why not turn up, right? I mean, it’ks not like the whole world is watching. Hhhhh. SMH. I swear some of these guys just don’t get it. Like what is the percentage of athletes that ever turn pro? Like 5? SMH.

Well, Johny, gone ‘head and do it fa’ tha ‘gram…or Snapchat, or Facebook…just do it!!! Who DOESN’T do Fireball shots at 8am right?? We’re all watching…waiting for a great white to come along. #IJS

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