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How many times have we heard the same story about someone becoming a famous athlete, singer, actor or whatever, only to have claims from their family and friends that they changed and forgot who they really were. Unfortunately its a tale that happens quite often and you never really know what the truth is or not. Did the person really change after they got some fame? Or do family members just feel scorned and left behind even if that’s not really the case? Ben Simmons is currently dealing with that type of issue after his sister went off on a twitter rant about how he turned his back on everyone who helped get him to where he is today.


As I mentioned before, anytime there are arguments between family about money, you have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

Ben’s sister, Olivia, absolutely tore into him on twitter last night. Now is everything she is saying true? Not necessarily. She could be angry at her brother for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, just because Ben is a famous basketball player doesn’t mean he is the greatest person either.

Regardless, I’m sure other members of the Simmons family aren’t thrilled about any of this. Check the gallery to see all her comments, including referring to Brittany Renner as a thot.

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