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Austin Rivers went ballistic and his father soon followed him to the locker room as they were both ejected from the Clippers game last night in Houston.


The night wasn’t going very well for the Clippers, as they were down by 22 points just halfway through the second quarter, when Austin made contact with a referee after making a layup.

While there was certainly contact between them, it was clear that it wasn’t with malice but the ref immediately ejected him from the game without saying much.

? #DocRivers ejected almost immediately after his son Austin Rivers was ejected ??? #LikeFatherLikeSon

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I realize players are not allowed to make contact with referee’s but this is not some situation where a player was arguing a call and got too close for comfort. If anything it was an accident or Rivers using his arm to not run into the ref after the play but as you saw, it set Austin off and then his pops basically said the hell with this game anyway and joined him soon after.